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[27 Dec 2008 | 2 Comments | ]
Travel to Costa Rica can be Incredibly Rich Experience

I feel Costa Rica has been most ignored country with natural richness in it’s beauty and flora and fauna. It was called as poorest Spanish Colony in Central America by Spanish governer then. But we cannot ignore the fact that it’s one of the richest area for plants and animals where 25% of land area is protected for national forests. We can just imagine how rich greenery it would have. As I read, around eight hundred species of birds have been identified in Costa Rica.
Planning a vacation to Costa Rica …

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[25 Dec 2008 | One Comment | ]
Maldives Islands – Pearls of The Indian Ocean

One of the places on the world map, that mesmerizes the tourists with it’s natural and rich beauty is Maldives islands. This small country whose main revenue source is tourism, is cluster of more than thousand coral islands. Not all of them are inhabited but like 200-300 of them are. It’s warm weather in Indian ocean attracts many American, Europeon tourists or simply tourists all over the world. Many of these islands are now converted to resort islands giving the best views possible to tourist staying in resorts.
Most of them …

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[21 Dec 2008 | No Comment | ]
Moving to Australia Made Simple

I have rented an apartment here in United Kingdom and my landlord is kind enough to give his fully furnished apartment with all the utensils and amenities. I could get hold of this beautiful cosy apartment because my landlord is moving to Australia (Melbourne). While talking to him, I realized that for him it’s being little difficult to move to Australia and he is going through hassles.
Well, he is a nice guy and he helped me in settling down here quickly, so I returned the favour by giving him advise …

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[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | ]
Immigrating to New Country? – Get Higher Baggage Allowance

I just immigrated to United Kingdom from India and had to adjust with 28KG check-in baggage allowance, and 7 KG of carry-on luggage along with laptop. I travelled with Virgin Atlantic, and believe me they gave me such a hard time for 1 KG above the weight in check-in and carry-on each that I am now repenting on why I had taken a return ticket. My biggest mistake was I could not get time to research on the airlines. Even if I would have done that, no where it was …

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[14 Dec 2008 | No Comment | ]
Six Tips to Find Best Limousine Rental Services

I know I might not need it so soon unless I am arranging a big event or getting into one as celebrity or a big shot. I first saw a limo in NYC near Central park and I liked it at some extent. May be because I was just looking at it from third person’s perspective. I happened to use a luxury Lincoln car while in Orlando, but missed to rent a Limo when I could.
While my friend used them for his guests in the event, I realized that it’s …

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[11 Dec 2008 | No Comment | ]
Where to Find Cheap Airline Flights in Europe

Budget airlines used to be dream of any Europeon few years back. It was pretty expensive as they told me. But now when I see, it’s much cheaper than what I heard.
If you are die hard fan of air travel only, and dont want to consider the alternatives such as traveling by train or rented cars, you seem to be happy if you look at today’s budget air line rates But not necessarily you would always find cheaper flights.
The first and foremost thing to do is find some websites that …

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[10 Dec 2008 | No Comment | ]
City Breaks in Europe – Part 1

City breaks have been more popular now than before, specially as the credit crunch takes a chunk out of consumer pockets. With many people choosing to prefer short well-planned breaks than the usual long summer holidays, here are few top city breaks in Europe this year. Remember, I am talking about only five of them and that’s also in short to just give you an idea, but in my opinion there are many more to talk about and that in detail.

Venice has been known as the “City of Water”, “City …

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[9 Dec 2008 | No Comment | ]
Ontario, One of Most Scenic Areas in Canada

Recently we talked about the Quebec city which is built in European way in Canada. There are many more places in Canada that are worth visiting and one of them is Ontario.
While traveling, I keep in mind one important thing and that is travel insurance. It should be your first thing to look at in your task to do list. If you ever traveling to Ontario, Canada, you need not to worry about travel insurance. Canada has one of the best travel health insurance programs in the world. Residents can …

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[2 Dec 2008 | 3 Comments | ]
Travel Tips – Take Help of Handy Online Travel Guides

You know the reason of me starting this blog? I wanted to eventually build a database of great articles on travel tips. I use them on my own, and my visitors too. Those really prove to be handy source of information. Though I have plan to make them a complete source of variety of travel tips, it would require time. But I am sure any hardcore traveler visiting this blog, must be finding it interesting blog.
The same way I found a source of online travel guides in terms of edubook.com, …

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[1 Dec 2008 | 2 Comments | ]
France Countryside – Make You Forget Eiffel Tower

Did I mention my plans to visit the Europeon countries before, yes I did probably! Sitting down in the evening, I was thinking what all to check out coming summer. France being the closest one to United Kingdom, it’s on top of my list following Austria, Switzerland, Germnay, Italy and so on.
What comes to your mind, when you think about France? Eiffel tower, right! Nothing was different for me, until I somehow came across the countryside of France.

After seeing the picture of Gordes village above, I can claim that the …