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Carry-on and Checked-in Luggage Size Limits for Various Air Lines

7 January 2009 9 Comments

After seeing many visitors of this blog looking for information on measurements (sizes) and weight limits of checked-in / carry-on luggage, I thought it would make sense to publish this information here. Many times you would see dimensions sizes like this 56+45+25cm (which is also European Union’s restrictions on carry-on baggage), this means Length + Width + Height.

The picture beside should be able to explain what it is all about. Mostly the baggage restrictions are not applied for customers who purchase First or Business Class tickets but only for economy class passengers. Even though the list below is exhaustive, it always makes sense to call the respective airline and confirm. Once you find relevant information, please do care to read the bottom note.


Airline Checked Luggage Limits Carry-on Luggage Limit Carry-on size Notes
British Airways 23kg 23Kg – must be able to lift in overhead. (+Briefcase or laptop size bag ) 56x45x25cm Fee for overweight checked bags (up to 32kg) £25. Additional checked bags, £75 longhaul, £30 shorthaul, £20 domestic. 2 bags allowed USA/Canada, Carribean, Nigeria, S. America, Kenya, Ghana, Mexico.
Continental 23kg x2 (157cm) (32kg x2 to Brazil) No free allowance within USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and US virgin islands. ($15 first bag, $25 2nd) 18kg (Plus a personal item except Belfast) 115cm Personal item described as briefcase, purse, day planner, small laptop computer, camera case, compact disk player or similar sized personal entertainment item . Where checked allowance is 1 bag, additional bag costs $25.
American Airlines 23kg x2* No free allowance within USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and US virgin islands. ($15 first bag, $25 2nd) 18kg total of 1 piece plus personal item. 114cm
Aeromexico 23kg x 2 (158cm) 23kg x1 USA, central America 20kg x1 to Sao Paulo 25kg within Mexico 32kg x 2 Asia, South America, Lima 10kg Plus briefcases, handbags, Laptop. 115cm
Monarch 20kg* 10kg (everything must be inside the one bag) 56x45x25cm *Checked bags cost 6.99 – 8.99 Pounds each way if booked online or 12 Pounds at the airport. There is no free allowance. Excess baggage charge £6 / Kg for up to 32kg checked.
Iberia (Spain) 23kg 23kg x 2 Americas, Africa, Middle east 10kg plus small briefcase, handbag, small camera or video camera or binoculars, laptop. 115cm (55x40x20cm) Equitorial Guinea 1x23kg checked in high season, 2 x 23kg low season.
Kenyan 20kg 23kg x 2 Europe to Nairobi, Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Entebbe, Khartoum, Kigali, Bujumbura, Lusaka, Lilongwe, Kinshasa and Addis return 10kg (Total weight ) 56x36x20cm 1 piece Briefcase or laptop size bag, small camera, ladies handbag allowed unconditionally. Overweight checked bags (up to 32kg) Euro 50. Extra pieces not exceeding max weight and size, Euro 150.
Delta Airlines 23kg x2 Latin America,middle east, Africa, Europe, Canada 32kg x2 Brazil if ticket purchased in Brazil or Japan 18kg 56x35x23cm plus a personal item (Purses, briefcases, camera cases, and diaper bags or item of similar or smaller size except Manchester or Edinburgh)
Air France Complex (From 20kg) 12kg (Total of 1 item and personal item) 55x35x25cm Use the calculator on the website to find your checked allowance.
KLM 20kg 12kg (Including coat /blanket, walking stick, camera, small laptop etc) 55x35x25cm (115cm USA) Checked 2x23kg to USA/Canada – 158cm each;
United Airlines 23kg x 2 20kg within Asia Not known 55x35x22cm 112cm Brazil checked 2 x 32kg.
Easyjet 20kg total weight* Able to lift it overhead 55x40x20cm *Checked bags cost 3.99 Pounds each way if booked online or 10 Pounds at the airport. Up to 8 bags but total 20kg – additional £7/kg up to 50kg max.
RyanAir 15kg total weight* 10kg 55x40x20cm Checked bags £16 each way. Half price for 1st bag if booked online. Up to 3 bags allowed but 15kg combined weight limit. Additional kg £12 each.
Thomson Fly Flight only customers 20kg (longhaul premium seats 23kg) if booked and paid for with ticket from £6.50 per item. Package holidays see ticket. 10kg (But checked + carry-on total 25Kg. Longhaul premium seats 30kg) 55x40x20cm Excess £10 per Kg longhaul, £6 shorthaul per flight – 50% discount for advance online booking. Package tours have different allowances – see brochure or ticket. 10kg carry-on cannot be increased.
Flybe 20kg* 10kg 50x35x23cm Checked luggage fee £13 or £7.99 if booked online. Excess baggage £9/kg.
Austrian Airlines 20kg 8kg 55x40x23cm 23kg x2 checked for USA, Canada, Mexico
Swiss Int. 20kg 8kg 55x40x20cm (Plus small camera) 23kg x2 checked for USA
Air India 20kg 8kg 55x40x20cm 23kg x2 checked for USA
Air Greenland 20kg 8kg 50x40x23cm
Lufthansa 20kg 8kg 55x40x20cm Checked baggage 23kg x2 long haul.
LAN (Equador, Peru, Chile) 20kg 8kg 55x35x25cm Checked baggage varies with route
S. African Airways 20kg 7kg 52x40x23cm More checked to USA see website
Qantas 20kg 7kg 115cm Checked allowance varies
Air Seychelles 23kg 7kg 115cm 20kg checked on regional sectors
Singapore Airlines 20kg 7kg 115cm
Air Mauritias 23kg 7kg 56x45x25cm
Emirates 20kg 7kg 55x38x20
Etihad 20kg 7kg 115cm
Qatar Airways 20kg 7kg 50x37x25cm
Cathay Pacific 20kg 7kg 56x36x23cm
Eva Air 20kg 7kg 56x36x23
Thai Air 20kg 7kg 56x46x25
Tame (Galapagos) 20kg 7kg 61x40x25cm Excess checked baggage 1% fare per kg if available.
Virgin Atlantic 23kg 6kg 56x36x23cm Double checked on some routes but size restrictions
British Midland 20kg Able to lift in overhead + small personal item. 55x40x23cm
TAP Portugal 20kg 6kg 55x40x20cm Checked to Brazil, Caracas and NY is 2 x 23kg
Loganair (Scotland) 15kg 6kg 51x38x25cm
SN Brussels 20kg 6kg 55x40x20 23kg x2 checked to USA
Varig (Brazil) 20kg 5kg 115cm Some routes checked is 2 x 32kg.
Alitalia 20kg 5kg 55x35x25cm
China Eastern 30kg 5kg none stated
TAM (Brazil) 23kg 5kg 55x40x20cm 2 carry-ons to Europe and USA except UK; Checked 32kg x2 to some dests inc Europe, USA.
Malaysia Airlines 20kg 5kg 56x36x23cm
Egyptair 20kg not stated 55x45x25cm More checked to USA see website

* This information is gathered from online sources and formatted in a convenient and most readable manner and reproduced for Best travel tips users. The credit goes to a gentleman in Bristol, UK who runs this website and must have spent lot of time gathering this information together. I just worked for an hour or so on reformatting the information to make it suitable to publish on this blog. I would be glad if this free backlink and some visitors could help his online business.


  • Best Travel Tips » Blog Archive » Tips to Pack Carry-on Luggage for Air Travel said:

    […] is an exhaustive list of luggage and size limits for carry-on baggage here (sorted as per the airline you are traveling with). Hope it helps you as […]

  • Paddy said:

    Thanks for the list.I haven’t seen such list yet, but,the measurements and sizes which you have mentioned in the list will really help me. Once again thanks and have a nice day.

  • Brian said:

    Fantastic list. May I respectfully suggest that in parentheses put the American equivalents in pounds and inches to the Kg’s and CM’s. Most of us in the US do not have any idea what you are talking about
    Also you mention twice at the beginning of your report the size dimentions as Length x Width x Height, it is actually Length + Width + Height.

    Keep up the good work

  • traveler (author) said:

    Hey Brian,

    Thanks for your sensible comment. I really appreciate your due diligence to read the article carefully. Umm, it would be little difficult process to convert the currency as you see it’s changing everyday, so best thing is to check the latest conversion rate at http://www.xe.com.

  • Luggag said:

    That is a GREAT list. We moved recent by air, and it was next to impossible to find that information on the airline’s website! I’m saving this!

  • Manoj Maurya said:

    Please provide the size of check-in luggage. I thaink you have provided only for hand on luggage size.


  • traveler (author) said:

    Hi Manoj, the check-in bag size could be as large as 30 inches in length, the more constraint there is weight compared to size

  • Spas said:

    Very useful information, I notice Ryan air has the lowest limit of 15Kg then £12 for each additional Kg and bag checking each way at £16. Now that could work out very expensive!!

  • Vi @ Travel Tips said:

    @Spas, you are right – I a lot of cases “cheap” airlines are not so cheap if your luggage weight a little more then they allow and they are very strict about it.

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