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[15 Dec 2008 | No Comment | ]
Immigrating to New Country? – Get Higher Baggage Allowance

I just immigrated to United Kingdom from India and had to adjust with 28KG check-in baggage allowance, and 7 KG of carry-on luggage along with laptop. I travelled with Virgin Atlantic, and believe me they gave me such a hard time for 1 KG above the weight in check-in and carry-on each that I am now repenting on why I had taken a return ticket. My biggest mistake was I could not get time to research on the airlines. Even if I would have done that, no where it was …

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[2 Mar 2008 | No Comment | ]
Traveling to Europe For Business?

This might be my first post to chose from vast niche of Travel because I am traveling to Europe for business soon. What is the single most important thing that business travelers should know before they visit Europe is to know a little about the history and present-day issues of the country you are visiting. This help showing respect to the country, people you are visiting.
As per my knowledge, Europeans are more formal. The use titles is often and they seldom use first names until a long and personal relationship …