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[15 Jun 2008 | One Comment | ]
Travel Health and Medical Advice

Before you read these health advices for International travel, be sure to read drinking water tips while you travel.

As we suggested, drink only bottled water and if it’s not possible, drink boiled water or carbonated drinks. Avoid tap water, fountain drinks, and ice cubes.
Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand gel (with good amount of alcohol in it) to clean your hands.
Eat only fully cooked food or fruits and vegetables peeled by yourself. Remember to boil it, cook it, …

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[10 May 2008 | 5 Comments | ]
Foreign Travel Tips: Be Safe – Drink Bottled Water

These foreign travel tips are from my own experience.
While you go on foreign travel, you should always drink bottled water to be on safer side. The simple reason is water contains different sets of microbes and mineral deposits that your body might not be used to. Even if the water is normal filtered but tap water, you should better avoid it.
The local residents are used to the water quality whether it’s pure or impure, but foreign travelers most of the times fall prey due to change in water. Rather than …