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[10 Feb 2009 | No Comment | ]
Special Deals for Holiday Stay in Ottawa, Canada

Short holidays have their own charm. I love to span my holiday breaks throughout the year, so that When I need a quick break from routine, I just hop into the holiday mode and be rejuvenated in a week’s time.
In my quest to find such short term holiday destinations, I read about Ottawa city, the capital of Canada. Ottawa is a lively cosmopolitan city with a plethora of outstanding national museums, superb cultural facilities like the National Arts Center, acres of parks and gardens and miles of bicycle and …

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[9 Dec 2008 | No Comment | ]
Ontario, One of Most Scenic Areas in Canada

Recently we talked about the Quebec city which is built in European way in Canada. There are many more places in Canada that are worth visiting and one of them is Ontario.
While traveling, I keep in mind one important thing and that is travel insurance. It should be your first thing to look at in your task to do list. If you ever traveling to Ontario, Canada, you need not to worry about travel insurance. Canada has one of the best travel health insurance programs in the world. Residents can …

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[29 Nov 2008 | 2 Comments | ]
Luxury Hotels in Québec City – Taste of French Hospitality in North America

If you have ever been to United Kingdom and visited the cities, you would find a different heritage and culture in here than the States and Canada like countries. Even the infrastructure is far different. You shall find smaller roads, age old building structures. But there is a city called Milton Keynes which is completely based on American infrastructure; wider roads, malls etc. It sounds different and worth visiting once when you don’t see it anywhere else in UK.
In similar way, Canada also has a city that is considered to …